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AWS and Patching: Easily keep your instances up to date

When it comes to computers in any form there is one task that it’s hard to find anyone who enjoys it, and that is patching. While updating a system in order to get new capabilities can be fun because of what it will enable you to do, patching means spending time to maintain the status quo. Which is both boring and frustrating. Luckily cloud infrastructure allows us to more easily automate this, so let’s have a look at how that works when running on AWS.

Over on the CMD blog, I wrote about how to make it easy to patch your EC2 instances in an automated manner. If you’re interested, you should read it.

CMD Solutions is the AWS focused brand within Mantel Group, which DigIO (my employer) is also a part of. Because of my status as AWS APN Ambassador, I represent CMD as well. Which also means that for some of my blogposts1, those focused on some small part of AWS for example, CMD is the better outlet. This is a good example of that.

  1. At least those that I write as a representive of my company. Obviously, the best place for anything I write is right here ;). ↩︎

Arjen Without Sleep

What's the best way to get a baby to sleep? By making her listen to her father talk about AWS and other cloud related items of course! This is a technology podcast, recorded late at night while carrying a baby around.

aws-sdk-go-v2 is finally GA

I wrote about version 2 of the Go SDK for AWS over 3 years ago. At the time it was just available in beta/preview mode and I expected it to become GA a bit quicker than it did. But now it's finally here!

Building on the SSO APIs

Last week I wrote about AWS SSO's CloudFormation and how (with some assistance) that can be used to manage your permission sets and assignments of those permission sets. Today I want to take a bit more positive look at the actual underlying APIs.

Fixing AWS SSO's CloudFormation

A couple of weeks ago, the AWS SSO team finally released functionality I've been anxiously waiting for: a (limited) API and CloudFormation support! So now it's time to break that down and complain about the CloudFormation implementation.

The New and Improved AWS CLI v2

The AWS CLI is one of the major ways of interacting with AWS, so in that regard the release of version 2.0 last week is a major milestone. Therefore, I want to take a look at what it is, how it's different, and what's good not so good about it.

AWS Inside the Region

During Andy Jassy's keynote at re:Invent he spent an entire section talking about several new products that would extend AWS 'Beyond the Region'. While this will no doubt give some more options, the main way we'll all be running our AWS services is still going to be within a Region. So let's have a look at how these evolved over time.

Midnight Madness Jet lag

With Midnight Madness, AWS kicked off the official re:Invent announcements. For some reason, I didn’t go to Midnight Madness, but jet lag woke me up early enough that I can at least write about some of the announcements before I’m immersed in re:Invent activities.

re:Invent 2018 - One Year Later

With re:Invent less than a week out, I figured it was a good time to see how last year's re:Invent held up. After all, every year we get wowed with all the new services and features that are announced, but how long does it take until we can use those? In fact, it's a year later now, but can we actually use everything that was promised?

Keeping an Eye on your Serverless Containers

As I don’t believe I can replicate the back and forth that (hopefully) made the talk itself entertaining, the structure of this writeup will be slightly different than the talk. If you are interested in the slide deck however, you can find that below.

Back in July I, together with my friend Prateek, presented at Container Camp in Sydney. It’s taken me a while, but I finally got around to doing a writeup of the contents. If you just want to watch the video, I’ve embedded that below.