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How Do S3 Permissions Work?

In the past I've had questions about how permissions work in S3, so I decided to investigate and write it up for myself so that I've got it all clearly described somewhere and can refer to this article.

Trying out the new AWS Go SDK

At the end of December, AWS released a developer preview of version 2 of their Go SDK. This promises several improvements and so I decided to give it a spin to see what's different.

Aqua: Easy API Gateway creation

Last month I wrote about the installation script I built for Igor, but as I started writing more Lambda functions recently I realized that I needed that same functionality in a more easily accessible way. So I created Aqua to do this for me.

Setting up Lambda and a gateway through the CLI

When I set up Igor in Lambda for the first time, I mostly followed the directions as provided in a Lambda template. This template has a description of all the steps that need to be taken, but to be honest it's a bit unwieldy. So I created a script to do this for me.