Obviously, this site is focused on the things I find interesting and useful. As this is a one-man show, that means I decide what shows up here. Which leads to two natural questions:

  • What do I think is interesting?
  • Who am I?


Let’s start with what I find interesting. Actually, that is a fairly wide range of subjects, but my main focus on this site will be related to programming and everything around it. Where everything around it is mostly defined by me, and can change at any time. This means things about programming languages, programming techniques, “DevOpsie” stuff, technology, design, project management, and no doubt will turn out to be a bit broader than these subjects.

The posts on the site are mostly posts by me, with the occasional linkpost to other sites (with my own comments added).

About me

This is me

My name is Arjen, and I’m a Dutch guy currently living in Melbourne, Australia. I ended up here after travelling around for a bit and decided to stick around. At the moment I’m simply enjoying live here, and have recently started my new job as Cloud Solutions Engineer at Bulletproof (disclaimer: all opinions are my own, and don’t necessarily reflect my employer’s). If you want more information about who I am and my travels, you can do so on my travel blog at arjen.eu.

As for my experience in the matters on this site; since 2005 I’ve been either a developer, DevOps person, project manager or manager of a development team at any one time. I am happy in all of these roles and will always try to learn from anyone I meet. Aside from that, I’m also an AWS certified Solutions Architect which hopefully proves that I know at least a little bit about that.

"AWS Certification"

Wait, what’s with the photos?

A fair question, as I’ve just explained that this is a DevOps focused site. Why would I put photos of nature here? The TL;DR is simple: because I like it.

The slightly longer version is that I’ve started to get a bit tired of seeing that all the various blogs and sites believe they have to show either the same photos or none at all. Neither option felt attractive to me, so I decided to instead use photos from my time traveling through some of the planet’s most beautiful regions.
If you like it, enjoy the photos.
If you don’t, just read the name of the site.