File Sharing in China

Once again visiting China, I ran into an issue. How do I share photos taken on my iPhone with Android users in a country where most file sharing options don't work?

How Do S3 Permissions Work?

In the past I've had questions about how permissions work in S3, so I decided to investigate and write it up for myself so that I've got it all clearly described somewhere and can refer to this article.

Trying out the new AWS Go SDK

At the end of December, AWS released a developer preview of version 2 of their Go SDK. This promises several improvements and so I decided to give it a spin to see what's different.

A Dive Into Packer

Recently I had the opportunity to add a major feature to the Azure builder in Packer. This article is a written version of a presentation I gave about this at the Golang Melbourne meetup and is aimed at looking at the technical parts of that feature and how a builder actually works within Packer.