2022 AWS Re:Invent; Important Highlights Between the Keynotes

If you’ve attended a conference before, you know that the most exciting things don’t necessarily happen in the sessions themselves. Unfortunately, I’m not in Las Vegas, so I can’t enjoy the hallway track. Still, AWS is kind enough to offer an alternative by releasing some of its announcements outside the keynotes. Best of all, you can see these announcements happening throughout the day without needing to get up at 3 am! Below are some of the announcements that stood out to us.

Over on the CMD blog, my colleagues and I have been writing about the announcements at re:Invent. It’s been quite a busy week. Obviously I recommend you read the one that just went up where I discuss some of the interesting items that weren’t mentioned in keynotes: 2022 AWS Re:Invent; Important Highlights Between The Keynotes

In addition to that however, here are some others that my colleagues wrote and you might find interesting:

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