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Automating Mailchimp

As you may be aware, I sent updates of this site out by email. Since the very start I've used Convertkit for this, but this was getting too expensive. However, it was the only email service I found that will immediately send an email instead of on a schedule. So, I had to automate this.

Aqua: Easy API Gateway creation

Last month I wrote about the installation script I built for Igor, but as I started writing more Lambda functions recently I realized that I needed that same functionality in a more easily accessible way. So I created Aqua to do this for me.

Setting up Lambda and a gateway through the CLI

When I set up Igor in Lambda for the first time, I mostly followed the directions as provided in a Lambda template. This template has a description of all the steps that need to be taken, but to be honest it's a bit unwieldy. So I created a script to do this for me.

Looking at Cloudformation Designer

Recently AWS introduced their CloudFormation Designer tool. Part of CloudFormation, this Designer allows you to visually design and edit your templates. In this article I try to show you how you can use the tool and fit it into your workflow.

Increasing the size of a root EBS volume

Sometimes the default size for your root volume in an EC2 instance isn't good enough. As there is no clear documentation on the best way to do this for CloudFormation managed instances, I'm describing my methods for increasing the size here.

Personal access to your servers

This article describes setting up a single security group with cloudformation that you can use to ensure you can easily gain access to your servers wherever you are. And as a bonus it describes how you can update the parameters of your stack from the command line without needing access to its template.

Changes to my setup

Over the Christmas break I made some time to implement changes to my AWS setup that I've been thinking of. As this invalidates some of the things I've written about in other articles I felt I should point them out here as well.