Top highlights from AWS pre:Invent 2022 we're most excited about

Every year as we get closer to re:Invent, AWS starts releasing the big items that didn’t quite make the cut for the major announcements. That doesn’t mean these releases are less interesting than what will be released at re:Invent; just that they don’t necessarily fit the narrative for the conference. In fact, some of my favourite announcements in previous years happened during this time. So, with re:Invent now only a couple of days away, let’s look at some of the gifts AWS brought us during pre:Invent.

Over on the CMD blog, I wrote a post discussing some of the highlights from the pre:Invent period. For obvious reasons I couldn’t exactly fit all announcements into a single post so some of your favourites may be missing, but maybe you’ll enjoy some of these as well. It’s available to read on the CMD Solutions blog.

In addition, last night at the Melbourne AWS User Group I discussed some of these same items in our usual What’s New section. If you’re interested you can have a look at that too.

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