GitHub Actions - Awesome Automation

In October, GitHub announced GitHub Actions, their upcoming integrated solution for running automation triggered by things you do on GitHub. I would call it CI/CD, but that's only part of what it can do. I've had beta access for about 2 months now, but didn't really play around with it until around the Christmas period.


In lieu of a single weekly note, I will be writing several articles to catch up with some of the events from re:Invent. Chris helped out last week with his post about the DynamoDB changes, and today I will start my write-ups with the coolest new toy: DeepRacer.

Serverless Databases after re:Invent

That’s a wrap for re:Invent 2018! Whilst Arjen will no doubt be providing us with the low down on all things containers in due course, I’ve hijacked his excellent blog to bring you a short guest post on serverless database news.