Week 50, 2015

It was a major week for programming languages as a couple of big things happened. There was the PHP 7 release, and Swift's anticipated release as an open source project happened. Additionally, Let's Encrypt came out of beta

Week 49, 2015

The Weekly Notes, bringing you a short commentary about the tech world. This week, my own Hugo Wercker build step, the Raspberry Pi Zero, and some thoughts about certification.

Week 48, 2015

Introducing my weekly notes, an article about interesting things I've run across in the past week. This week featuring trying out Let's Encrypt and AWS releasing version 1 of their Go API.

Looking at Cloudformation Designer

Recently AWS introduced their CloudFormation Designer tool. Part of CloudFormation, this Designer allows you to visually design and edit your templates. In this article I try to show you how you can use the tool and fit it into your workflow.

Using Docker for a more flexible Jenkins

Different parts of your project might require different environments. Additionally, when building web projects for clients you don't always have control over the server your project will run on. Both of these issues can be solved, and this article will show how you can use Docker to have a better and more efficient Jenkins setup.

Increasing the size of a root EBS volume

Sometimes the default size for your root volume in an EC2 instance isn't good enough. As there is no clear documentation on the best way to do this for CloudFormation managed instances, I'm describing my methods for increasing the size here.