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Writing on iOS

As I've mentioned in the past, I do a lot of my writing on my phone and iPad. Things have changed there recently, and I wanted to write out some parts of this improved workflow.

File Sharing in China

Once again visiting China, I ran into an issue. How do I share photos taken on my iPhone with Android users in a country where most file sharing options don't work?

Automating Mailchimp

As you may be aware, I sent updates of this site out by email. Since the very start I've used Convertkit for this, but this was getting too expensive. However, it was the only email service I found that will immediately send an email instead of on a schedule. So, I had to automate this.

Day One, future proofing, and workflows

After a long time of hinting at it, yesterday a new version of Day One was released bearing the wonderful name Day One 2. There are a couple of major changes to the way this works compared to the old version that influence how I use it.