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Week 24 2017 - WWDC 2017

Apple held its annual developer conference, WWDC, and there were a lot of interesting things in the keynote. Unlike most years, they even had a big section about hardware. The most interesting part in my opinion was the renewed focus on the iPad, both hardware and software.

Week 21 2017 - Google I/O 2017

It's obviously that time again where there are major conferences from big companies, so this time it's Google's I/O that I'll be focusing on. All the interesting cloud related announcements were already in Google Cloud Next, so this conference focuses on the consumer applications and platforms.

Week 17 2017 - DockerCon 2017

With Dockercon taking place last week that means today's note is all Docker with Moby and LinuxKit as the most important items, but I'll also have a brief look at the Modernize Traditional Apps program and Bitbucket Pipelines' new service container feature.