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Week 7, 2016

A huge scientific discovery concerning gravitational waves and zombie clauses in terms and conditions are the main points of the week, but we round it out with a couple of smaller things.

Week 6, 2016

A major update for Docker and Apple has once again managed to rile up the media with something that according to some is either a feature, a bug, or a step in their evil plan towards world domination.

Week 4, 2016

It's that exciting time again where the big tech companies announce their earnings. I'm sure everyone wants to know those results and read how that means Apple is doomed again, Amazon keeps everyone happy by not making any money, and Google and Facebook sell more ads on mobile than ever before. As it happens, I really don't care about it all so I won't be writing about it.

Week 50, 2015

It was a major week for programming languages as a couple of big things happened. There was the PHP 7 release, and Swift's anticipated release as an open source project happened. Additionally, Let's Encrypt came out of beta

Week 49, 2015

The Weekly Notes, bringing you a short commentary about the tech world. This week, my own Hugo Wercker build step, the Raspberry Pi Zero, and some thoughts about certification.

Week 48, 2015

Introducing my weekly notes, an article about interesting things I've run across in the past week. This week featuring trying out Let's Encrypt and AWS releasing version 1 of their Go API.