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GitHub Actions - Awesome Automation

In October, GitHub announced GitHub Actions, their upcoming integrated solution for running automation triggered by things you do on GitHub. I would call it CI/CD, but that's only part of what it can do. I've had beta access for about 2 months now, but didn't really play around with it until around the Christmas period.

Bitbucket Pipelines, a first look

Pipelines seems to be almost as popular as machine learning right now and earlier this week Atlassian announced that Bitbucket now has them built in as well. Or rather, it's in beta. Naturally, I was interested so I decided to take it for a spin. This article shows how I set it up for one of my existing projects, and I'll go into the good parts and the limitations.

Automating Lambda Deployment Using Wercker

While Aqua neatly makes the initial setup for my Lambda functions easier, that still left me with the deployments. In order to deal with that, I therefore made a simple deployment step for Wercker. I'll first go over how to use it, before showing how it works.

Multiple Deployments with Wercker

At the Docker birthday event last week I decided that instead of working on the Birthday Challenge I would make Igor work on Docker as well. That meant I need to deploy two versions from a single build however, and in this article I'll explain how that works.

Publishing Go binaries with Wercker

For Igor I wanted to make sure that there is always a compiled, and up to date, binary ready for download. The obvious way for me to do this was using Wercker, but this turned out to be a bit more work than I expected, so I'm documenting it here.

Using Docker for a more flexible Jenkins

Different parts of your project might require different environments. Additionally, when building web projects for clients you don't always have control over the server your project will run on. Both of these issues can be solved, and this article will show how you can use Docker to have a better and more efficient Jenkins setup.