Go-ing Lambda

With the release of the Go runtime for AWS Lambda, I took the opportunity to convert some of my code to run natively instead of through wrappers.

A Look at Igor's Internals

Over the past couple of weeks I've written several articles about the things that support Igor, from deployments to installation, but I haven't written much about how it actually works yet. This article aims to rectify that.

Multiple Deployments with Wercker

At the Docker birthday event last week I decided that instead of working on the Birthday Challenge I would make Igor work on Docker as well. That meant I need to deploy two versions from a single build however, and in this article I'll explain how that works.

/igor introduce yourself

For the Golang Hackday in Melbourne I gave a short presentation about Igor, my Slack bot written in Go and running on AWS Lambda. The presentation was partially aimed at beginners of Go.

Setting up Lambda and a gateway through the CLI

When I set up Igor in Lambda for the first time, I mostly followed the directions as provided in a Lambda template. This template has a description of all the steps that need to be taken, but to be honest it's a bit unwieldy. So I created a script to do this for me.

Publishing Go binaries with Wercker

For Igor I wanted to make sure that there is always a compiled, and up to date, binary ready for download. The obvious way for me to do this was using Wercker, but this turned out to be a bit more work than I expected, so I'm documenting it here.

Introducing Igor

Over the past weeks I've been working on a new tool. Now, Igor has reached a state where I'm happy with showing it off and so it's time to introduce it to the world.