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A Look at Igor's Internals

Over the past couple of weeks I've written several articles about the things that support Igor, from deployments to installation, but I haven't written much about how it actually works yet. This article aims to rectify that.

/igor introduce yourself

For the Golang Hackday in Melbourne I gave a short presentation about Igor, my Slack bot written in Go and running on AWS Lambda. The presentation was partially aimed at beginners of Go.

Starting with Golang

The first weekly update for my month of Golang. I'll start this out with various resources I used to get up to speed with the language, before I'll move on to idea behind the structure for the Bugsnag SDK and how this is progressing.

Monthly project: Golang

In an attempt to stop my mind from constantly jumping to the next interesting thing I encounter, I decided to start doing monthly research projects. I'm starting this with something that has been on my list for quite a while now, learning the language Go (or Golang as it's often called).